Russians in USA, Canada and Latin America

In Memory of my older comrades, mentors and teachers, whose memories are left for history on this site ….

This site, which includes the Directory and Guide to Russian Emigration to the USA, Canada and Latin America, has the task of preserving and conveying to readers the information that was received by the site’s authors during 30 years of communication with the “old” emigrants collected documents and in practice studied places and organizations directly related to the “first” and “second” wave of emigration. Many materials are published for the first time. The site is structurally divided into the following sections:

The Great Russian Exodus 1917-1923 in the Far East. Military and refugee camps in China, Korea and the Philippines. Emigration to the US “first wave”. Biographies of famous officers and generals of the White Army who became emigrants to the United States. Original documents, photographs, topographic maps, and event descriptions. Personal archives, letters, memories. Virtual museum.

Russians in China and Asian countries 1917-1949. The structure, catalog and description of Russian organizations, primarily in Harbin and Shanghai. The civil war in China and the participation of Russians in it 1923-1929. History, documents, topography. Biographies of prominent figures who emigrated to the United States. Virtual Museum ..

Russians on Tobabao island 1949-1952, Philippines. Chronicle of events, description, photo chronicle. Emigration to the USA and Australia. Photo Gallery

Russian DP camps in Europe 1945-1953. Catalog, description, topography, photo chronicle. Biographies of prominent figures. IRO and emigration to the USA and Latin America. Virtual exhibition and photo gallery.

Russians in the USA. Handbook of the military-political organizations. ROVS and the organizations of veterans of the First World War. Cossacks, cadets. Anti-communist organizations. Youth organizations: scouts, Russian Falcon and NORR. Russian culture: artists, poets, writers. Museums and exhibitions. Chronicle of life. Memorable Russian places in the USA. Biographies of prominent Russian emigrants. Russian cemeteries. Orthodox Church. Virtual exhibition and photo gallery.

Russians in Latin America. Handbook of military-political organization. EMRO and veterans of the First World War. Anti-communist formations of the Second World War. ROA, Russian Security Corps. Personalities. Russian cemeteries and the Orthodox Church. Photo Gallery

The authors will be grateful for any help, first of all, in correcting the noticed inaccuracies, as well as for additional information and photos.

See also “about the authors and thanks to the organizations and individuals for their help in the work”