Russian Harbin

Russian Harbin is closely connected with the so-called “first” wave of Russian emigration to America. As a result of the “Great Russian Exodus” in the Far East in 1917-1923, military personnel of the former “Kappel” and “Semenov” armies, Cossacks and refugees from Russia were in Harbin. Here, as before, the employees of the Chinese Eastern Railway “pre-revolutionary” Russia also lived. The first big wave of emigration arrived in the USA in 1923 on … “student” visas. In 1924, at the initiative of Colonel N. A. Herzo-Vinogradsky, an “artillery circle” was created in San Francisco to help colleagues living in Harbin. In the same year, this circle grew into the Society of Russian Veterans of the Great War, which exists to this day. The first chairman was elected Lieutenant General Baron A.P. Budberg. In the same section, we compile a guide and post materials based on archival materials received from Russian emigrants from China and the USA. Continuing the great research work begun by academician G.V. Melikhov (Harbinets), and at his insistence continued by M.Yu. Blinov, we will try to systematize and describe the structure of Russian Harbin according to our own archival materials and documents *. .

Russian Orthodox Church

Holy Alex Temple (Modyagou)
The right chapel in honor of St. Innocent of Irkutsk, St. Martyrs Tatiana and St. Sergius of Radonezh
Consecrated May 1936 by Archbishop Meletius
Archpriest Mukhin N. (for 1936)
Ponomarev A., archpriest

St. Alexis Church (at the Green Bazaar)
Archimandrite Joseph

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Iverskaya Chapel, consecrated October 1933 in the fence, a copy reduced by the Moscow chapel destroyed by the Bolsheviks
It was built by the zeal of Popov E.V.
The icon is executed thin. Deacon Zadorozhny, carved icon case by a carver, carpenter P. Kashin
The chapel was built by engineer Ulasov E.A. with the participation of the artist Fedorovskago P.F.

St. Peter and Paul Church (Nakhalovka)
Rector 1936 = Father N. Ponomarev Archpriest, 25 years in the priesthood

Holy Elias Church (formerly Mechanical)
1936 = 14 years old

Iverskaya Church
1936 = served as arch. Nestor
– Seraphim People’s Dining Room at the Iberian Church (Bishop Demetrius)
– Serafimovskaya dining room, ladies’ club

Female Abode
Served – Bishop Demetrius 1936
– House of Mercy
– Chapel-monument to Emperor Nicholas II

The Brotherhood of the Holy Icon of Unexpected Joy
Arose at the initiative of the late Metropolitan Methodius
– Shelter for orphans and the elderly
Arose at the initiative of the late Metropolitan Methodius, his name was given

Meetings places

  • Railway assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Commercial Assembly (Yamskaya street 2, corner of China)
  • Public Assembly (at the corner of Gogolevskaya and Church Street.)


  • Faculty of Law (Founded in 1920)
  • North Manchurian Polytechnic Institute (at the YMCA)
  • Institute of St. Vladimir (Founded in 1933)
  • Institute (University) of the Foreign languages
  • Pedagogical Institute (street Kitayskaya 185, corner of Magazin street)
  • Harbin Business School (New Town, st. Strelkovaya 68, Pristan  – Russian 31)
  • 1st Harbin Mountain – Chemical courses
  • Gymnasium named after F.M.Dostoevsky
  • Gymnasium Ya.A. Drizul (Gogolevskaya St. N118)
  • Gymnasium named after A.S. Pushkin (Secondary school, “Ukrainian House”, 9 Novotorgovaya St.)
  • Gymnasium at the Pedagogical Institute (Until December 1, 1936 at Bolshoi pr. 29, corner Tsitsikarskaya – occupied the Union of Musketeers)
  • United Gymnasium (formerly M.S. Generozova and named after A.S. Pushkin), Police Street
  • BREM Public High School (secondary school), Novotorgovaya, 31
  • Educational institutions named after M.A.Oksakovskaya (secondary schools) Girinskaya, 53
    -(female) gymnasium
    -real school
    -evening mixed gymnasium – courses
  • British High School (gymnasium) (Artillery Street 58a)
  • British Commercial School
  • Public Commercial School (secondary school), Commercial Street. 7-9
  • Harbinskoe 1 real school (secondary school), Customs Street., 36
  • Higher Primary School
  • (Public) Real School “Guang-Hua” (Guang Gua)
  • Real school (uchilitsche)
  • Modeugo real school at St. Alexei Church
    (secondary school) New st. 5
  • School and kindergarten K.P. Chesnokova (For children from 4 to 11 years
    1938 = New city, st. Girinskaya 21, between Bolshoi pr. And Sadovaya)

Administrative and urban institutions

  • BREM Bureau for Russian Emigrants (Founded in 1935. Harbin, Birzhevaya 27 and 31)
  • Union of National Unions

Military and Cossack organizations

  • Far East Department of the ROVS (Former Military)
  • Military schools and courses
  • Monarchical military alliance
  • Far Eastern Military Union in the Manchurian Empire
  • Union of Military
  • Union of Cossacks in the Far East
  • BRP Brotherhood of Russian Truth

Sports and youth associations

  • Scouts
  • Russian Sokol (Falcon)
  • Musketeers Union
  • NORR (national scouts)

Other institutions

  • movie theaters
  • the shops
  • restaurants, cafes, canteens
  • magazines, newspapers

Preparad by M. Blinov. Photogallery from the collection of authors

* The authors will be very grateful for the observed inaccuracies and for additional information.