Lienz Cossacks tragedy

Картина Корольков Выдача казаков в Лиенце
The painting “Extradition of Cossacks in Lienz”. Artist Sergey Korolkov

Extradition of Cossacks to councils in May-June 1945 in Austria.

Austria. Alps. Lienz. Wonderful places and a beautiful corner of Europe. The sun. The mountains. Nature. Numerous tourists from all over Europe come here to relax and enjoy nature. Hiking, sports, ancient buildings and excellent local cuisine. So Lienz is known throughout Europe, except for Russia and England. In these two countries, the word “Lienz” evokes special and opposite memories. What Russians feel at the word “Lienz” was well written by the poetess and Cossack Maria Volkova:

There is such a valley in Tyrol, And in the valley of that Drava river …
Just remember – and tremble with pain, As from a blade that opened a wound!
Where the mountains are thoughtful, Having encircled the expanse of heaven,
The wind is a tale of sin and shame. Do not get tired of repeating for centuries.
Well, poet, your bitter stanzas, What are they rushing to break into the wild,
at the foot of the new Calvary. On your knees, do not breathe!
Somewhere Drava in rampant crying, Striking, as in the chest, on the coast,
Wails of the lives of the Cossack, Coldly thrown into the hands of the enemy.
Deceived the law and the defense, Requests to touch the deaf could not …
Blood, treacherously, innocently killed, Cries, cries from the ground!
The banners fluttered like shadows … And in a hot prayer rush
Destruction gushed forth viciously, Flooding everything with its elements!
On the shoulders, heads and icons. Hundreds of savvy legs raced …
The distance and the heights were overwhelmed with a groan, But no one came – did not help!
Only one compassionate Drava, Reflecting the June firmament,
She covered in a wave of bloody Runaway from horror to death …
The mountains frowned more severely, In a long echo their trembling pierced, –
Not from the clank of iron monsters dragging and tearing bodies?
Cossacks, and Cossacks, and children, The color of the last Cossack land,
Forgotten by all in the world
So bow down, poet, to your knees And cry, and pray, and ask,
So that even the late news of treason, Like fire, swept through Russia,
To the memory of the victims trembled In the Russian heart, sobbing always!
In the meantime … let the Tyrolean rocks Pour shame!
Maria Volkova (1902-1983)
(an employee of the magazine “Military reality” Paris, France, the daughter of a general of the Siberian Cossack army, tortured in Irkutsk in 1920. Published with permission of the journal)

Lienz and Drava Valley extradition of Cossacks

Lienz and Drava Valley extradition of Cossacks

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Лиенц кладбище казаков

Cossack cemetery in the city of Pegget near Lienz. Photo by Mikhail Blinov

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