Russians in Los Angeles

History of Russians in Los Angeles and Southern California. Organizations, Orthodox Church, personalities…

Los Angeles in the evening.

Los Angeles in the evening. The view from the hill. Photo M. Blinov 1999

Russian Church, parishes, cemeteries:

  • Church of Holy Virgin Mary
  • Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Recovery of the Dead”
    (Russian Orthodox Church of the Icon of the Mother of God “Recovery of the Dead”)
  • Holy Transfiguration Church
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church of Russia


  • Society of Russian Veterans of World War I, Inc.
  • Society of Russian Disabled (Invalids)
  • The Los Angeles Committee for the aid of White Russian disabled veterans outside of Russia, Inc.
  • Society of the Participiants in the 1st Kuban Campaign Against Bolsheviks
  • The Society of White Russian Veterans of Gallipoli
  • Combatants of Russian Corps Union
  • United Vlassov Society (Committee) K.O.V.
  • Association of Russian Former Cadets
  • Association of Former Russian Naval Officers in Los Angeles
  • Cossack and Caucasian Mountaineers Veterans Association
  • ALL-COSSACKS & MOUNTAINEERS STANITZA (Russian Cossack & Caucasian Mountaineers Veterans Association of America)
  • Association of the 1st Zaporozhye of the Empress of Catherine the Great Cossack Regiment
  • Russian Sokol –Gymnastics Society
  • Scouts
  • Russian Student Fund, Inc.
  • Russian Children Welfare Society Outside of Russia, Inc.)
  • Club of The Russian Anticommunist Youth of Southern California
  • Committee of the United Anti-Communist Organizations in Southern California
  • Rossiysky Center, Inc.
  • Russian Engineer’s Society, Inc.
  • Society for the Help of the Elderly
  • International Institute in LA, Department for Assistance to Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians
  • Society of Russian Emigrants from Yugoslavia
  • Hollywood Women’s Club
  • Ballet School of Actress of the State Belgrade Ballet E.S. Vasilieva
  • Public Theater
  • Russian Chamber Theater
  • Drama Studio

Russian Stores:

  • Russian jewelry store “VERN’S”