Museum Hall N2 Aviation, uniform

House Museum of the Great War Veterans Society in San Francisco

Above the fireplace, the two-headed eagle of the Navigation School in St. Petersburg.
Below are portraits of the Emperors: Alexander the 3rd, Alexander the 2nd, Nicholas the 2nd.
On the fireplace there is a small bust of Emperor Alexander III and a small statue of Emperor Peter I. Cast-iron bust of Generalissimo A.V. Suvorov.
To the right of the fireplace is a photograph of Emperor Nicholas II in the shape of L-Guards. His Majesty the hussar regiment. Below on the dummy is the mentic of General L-Guards. His Majesty’s Hussar Regiment.
Propeller from a private plane I. Sikorsky. Next is a board with photographs of the early period of the Russian air fleet.

Banner on the shaft of the armored train “United Russia”. Shot through a bullet with traces of blood.
Behind the door in the corner are photographs of the leaders of the white struggle, above them an enlarged Order of St. George.
In a large frame, various photographs of the period until 1917. Epaulets of various regiments and ranks are vertically placed on the wall.
Near the front door there are photographs and engravings of ceremonial forms of the 18th and 19th centuries.
On the door are the words from the proclamation gene. Wrangel in Crimea:
“Listen, Russian people, what are we fighting for:
for the desecrated Faith and the shrines offended by it,
for the liberation of the Russian people from the yoke of communism, vagrants and
convicts who at the end ravaged holy Russia,
for the termination of internecine warfare,
for the peasant, acquiring ownership
the land he cultivated would take up peaceful work,
for that. so that true freedom and law reign in Russia,
for the Russian people to choose their own master.
Help me, Russian people, to save the Motherland! ”

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