Museum Hall N1 Awards, Regalia

House Museum of the Great War Veterans Society in San Francisco

In the first room of the museum there are Orders, badges and medals, like all other items in the windows (see description) The following items are also on the walls:
To the left of the door are 28 photographs, prints and drawings of military uniforms of various regiments of different periods, mainly cavalry. Above the door is a large photograph of a cavalry regiment by an orchestra in a parade.
Under the photograph there is a board with the words: “I am proud that I am Russian” (A.V. Suvorov) and “You need great shocks, and we need a great Russia” (P.A. Stolypin).
To the right above the windows are two photographs. The first is Imp. Nikolay the 2nd at the head of one of the cavalry regiments, the second “2nd battery of the Konstantinovsky artillery school. 3rd expedited release, November 1, 1915. ”
Silver George pipes are placed below on the wall. The crosses of St. George and the inscription are soldered to the bells: “For repulsing assaults on the Eastern Front on August 7-10, 1904 – to the 14th East Siberian Rifle Regiment” (this desire of the monarch’s will, by the highest command of the Emperor Nicholas the 2nd, is written by engraving on each pipe).
On the shelves of the cabinet are albums of personal and regimental associations.
On a jamb the doors to the pantry hang in the oval frame of the gala dinner menu of Khabarovsk c. Muravyov of the Amur Cadet Corps on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.
Here also hangs the flag of the Union of former Ungern Cossacks (California), made similar to the banners of the Russian army (patterns are drawn in black. Double-headed eagles in the corners. In the middle is Grand Prince Michael “M-2” monogram with a crown on top). Similar flags of the Cossack troops and villages were in the Cossack House (now moved to the Cossack room in the House of Scouts)
In the niche of the room are photographs and engravings dedicated to the Romanov dynasty, as indicated by the inscription above. On the sides of the inscription flags: on the left – white-yellow-black, on the right – white-blue-red.
On the sides of the niche are placed medallions of the emperor and empress made of plaster. At the bottom there is a chest of carved wood of the Far Eastern dressing. On the chest are memorial crosses and medals of the Shanghai Russian regiment (this regiment was part of the Shanghai Volunteer Corps of various European powers for the protection of the international concession in Shanghai). In front of the chest is a showcase with Russian money from different times. Near a showcase with the badges of the cadet corps. Nearby on a wooden stand are the tops of the banner of the 199th Kronstadt Infantry Regiment. On the next table are two helmets of the First World War, made in France, with Russian double-headed eagles.

Museum of the Society of Russian Veterans

S.N.Zabelin shows guests the museum. On the right you can see the banner of the Shanghai Russian regiment. Photo (video) M. Blinov

In three frames of the photo:
different photos from the life of Imp. Nicholas the 2nd.
different photos from the life of Imp. Nicholas Imp. Nicholas the 2nd
Photos of the Heir at different times.

Engraving A.V. Suvorov
Scoreboard for the 250th anniversary of the L-Guards. Kexholm Regiment. Below 28 frames with images of the forms of the Russian army in different periods.