Veterans Society Museum, Billiard Room

House Museum of the Great War Veterans Society in San Francisco

Billiard room. Uniform, historical weapons.

“The main part of the museum is housed in a former billiard room. Each incoming person is greeted with an honor guard of 16 mannequins dressed in various uniforms of the Russian Army. A cadet, private, officer of the General Staff, Lieutenant General of the Kexholm Regiment in full dress (Gen. V.K. Vitkovsky) , the Kuban general (Gen. Petin, chief of the convoy) and the forms of many other units fanned with military glory on the battlefields. Rifles, revolvers. Checkers. Sabers, broadswords, helmets adorn the walls … ”

Museum billiard room

Museum billiard room

Description of the billiard room
(Prepared by S. Zabelin and M. Blinov)

Along the east and part of the south side in the window are the following forms: the form of the cadet of the Siberian Imp. Alexander of the 1st cadet corps, uniform of cadet Khabarovsk c. Muravyov of the Amur Cadet Corps, coat of the General Staff of the Lieutenant General, uniform of the General Staff officer, captain of the infantry, uniform of the Life Guards of the Kegsholm Regiment, Lieutenant General V.K. Vitkovsky, the uniform of the second lieutenant of infantry and the captain of equestrian artillery, the head captain of the 15th Dragoon Primorsky Regiment (the only cavalry regiment in the Far East, the rest were all Cossack regiments). Uniform of the colonel of artillery, overcoat of the head captain of the 1st Hussar Sumy regiment. Then the manikins are the Kuban Cossack, the senior officer. Kuban Cossack, Major General. Ceremonial uniform of a state official, ceremonial form of a state official (Privy Councilor. White trousers), uniform of a high rank. The following objects are located in the forms in front of the mannequins in the forms: Cossack hat, gunner’s cap, L-GV cap. Volyn regiment, shako L-Guards. Volyn Regiment, shako of the 26th Mogilev Regiment. Album L-GV. Kexholm Regiment and shoulder straps of General Lieutenant V. Vitkovsky Album L-GV. Volyn regiment.
Dagger, axelbant, shoulder straps of the lieutenant infantry, dagger, trump cards and belt of an officer of His Majesty’s own convoy, shoulder straps of the lieutenant, buttonholes, monograms, epaulettes.

South side
Engravings are hanging on the wall:
“ROTA OF THE PALACE GRANADERS, 1861” Size 64×55 cm.
“THE GRANADERS OF KING Friedrich Wilhelm Regiment. 1856 g. ” Size 65×52.
“ROLL CALL”. CRIMEAN WAR 1853-1854 Size 32X48 cm.
Under the engravings is a showcase with reproductions from the book “Horse Guards,” published in Paris by the Horse Guards Association.
On the window in the frame is a scene from the battle of Poltava: Imp. Peter I – salutes the troops after the victory near Poltava in 1709.
In the middle of the clock is a malfunction, a gift from the Society of Russian Veterans in Los Angeles to the Society of Veterans in San Francisco on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
On the wall is the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, below in an oval frame is a portrait of Imp. Nicholas II. On the left hang a saber of the Don army and an army saber of state standard. hang on the right, a saber of the Kuban or Terek troops. Below is a gun with a holster.
At the bottom of the shelf are two fanfares, one with the ensign of the Don Cadet Corps.
Further on the wall hangs an engraving depicting officers of various military branches. the year is not indicated, apparently 1850-60. size 58×22 cm.
Next engraving: “3rd Guards and Grenadier Artillery Brigade of 1850.”
Higher battle scene in winter, Central Asia or the Balkans.
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