Museum Navy company

House Museum of the Great War Veterans Society in San Francisco

First room.
This side is dedicated to the Russian Navy.
In the first space between the windows are:
Broadsword to the dress uniform of an officer of the navy.
Photograph: Emperor Nicholas the 2nd and English King George the 5th with sons, all in the forms of the navy.
A large snapshot of the imperial yacht Standard.
Empress with two daughters in a boat, behind the oars. Emperor Nicholas II.
The midshipman class passes a ceremonial march in front of the Imp. Nicholas II, 1914
Emperor Nicholas II on one of the warships, on the deck, a line of officers greets the Emperor.
Admiralty. the photo.
On the large board at the top is an enlarged icon of the Naval Cadet Corps. Navigation school 1701-1901. ”
Below is a plaque with signs of various maritime specialists.
Below are pictures of different fleet ships. In the second piers between the windows at the top is the St. Andrew’s flag, below are portraits of admirals, heroes of the Russian fleet.
On the next board in the center is a shirt and visor of a Black Sea Fleet sailor, photographs of warships, a photograph of Imp. Nicholas II, underneath is a photograph of a naval engineering school, a portrait of Admiral Kolchak, a photograph of naval midshipmen on the destroyer Glory, 1901, and other photographs of other warships.
A signal pipe is attached at the bottom.

Photos from the events of the war of 1904-1905 “Varangian” on the raid in Chemulpo breeds couples before the battle. Padded “Varangian” moves to the raid for flooding.
Photos of parts of the “Varangian” and “Korean” visible above the water.
The meeting of the ranks of “Varyag” and “Korean” upon their arrival in St. Petersburg. The heroes of “Varyag and” Korean “in the square in front of the Winter Palace with gifts after they visit the palace.
Photo panorama of Vladivostok. foreground Cruiser Askold. Ribbons with a cap of different warships.
Uniform and cap of the military doctor. The uniform on the right is the badge of the military medical academy.